• Fire Department History
  • Established in 1947.
  • Historically an all volunteer, rural fire        department. 
  • Until mid-1999 the department was strictly   volunteer            
  • In mid-1999, after 5 years of planning, the fire department began staffing the station during weekday work hours (0730 – 1630 hours) with part paid personnel.
  • This was the result of a decreasing number of volunteers available during the day to respond to calls and a significant increase in the number of missed calls where the department had to rely on mutual aid companies to take calls.
  • In October 2002, we began staffing the station 24 hours a day with part time personnel.  The overnight shift consists of one paramedic/firefighter, supplemented by our volunteers, which allows us to respond our Medic or first engine in less than 3 minutes on average. 

Historical Run Data
Increased from 150/yr to 250/yr between 1990 and 1998.
Missed an average of 18 runs/yr prior to ’99.
1999 -- Run Volume was 308.
2000 – Run Volume was 349.
2001 – Run Volume was 396.
2002 – Run Volume was 354.
2003 – Run Volume was 372.
2004 – Run Volume was 370.

Liberty Township Fire Department Mission Statement:

To provide a highly professional service, based on trust and accountability, which fits the community and rural demographics.