The Township of Liberty, Union County, Ohio shall make public records available
in accordance with this "Public Records Policy" which has been developed from
guidelines of Ohio Public Records laws.
Request for public records should be made to:
Attn: Jeff Rea, Fiscal Officer
PO Box 122
Raymond, Ohio 43067
(937) 597-8815
Public Records: In accordance with the Ohio Revised Code the Fiscal Officer of the Township is responsible with keeping the records of the Township and in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code and Judicial decisions a “record" is any item that is kept by a public ofÍice that (a) is stored on a fixed medium,
(b) is created, received, or sent under the jurisdiction of a public office; "and" (c)
documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or
other activities of the public office.

Availability/Exemptions: As required by Ohio law any public records wiil be
available for inspection promptly or, if requesting copies, in a reasonable time. If a
request is made for a record in which release, or parts thereof, may be prohibited or
exempted by either State or Federal law, the request will be forwarded to the County
Prosecutor for review and/or approval. A “Prompt and reasonable" amount of time takes into account the number of records requested, the location of the records, and the amount of time to collect the records which all vary on the situation.  The Fiscal Officer of the Township shall determine the time necessary to obtain such documents.  


 A request for a public record may be made to the Fiscal Officer of Liberty Township.  
By law, no record request is required to be in writing and requestor does not have to
provide his/her identity or provide a reason for the request. However; it is
recommended that a record request be in writing to help the Fiscal Officer better identify
the actual record being requested and a means to contact the requestor. The requestor
should specifically and particularly describe the record being requested. The Fiscal Officer will assist the requestor in identifying any records and allow the requestor to revise
any request as necessary. Each request will be acknowledged with a response of an
estimated length of time required to gather the record. If at any time we believe the Fiscal Officer cannot fulfill the request within the estimated time; they will inform you of this change and issue a new estimated response period. If your request, or any portion thereof, must be
denied because the records are exempt from disclosure under law we will inform you
which record, or portion thereof,  is not public by clearly marking as "redacted".  If the record is marked as “redacted” we will provide the legal authority upon which the record has been classified as such.

Cost to Requestor: A requestor will only be charged the actual cost to produce a
record copy and the cost of supplies, postage, or delivery charge associated with the
request. The requestor may choose to have the record duplicated (a) on paper, (b) e-mailed
in the same medium which the record is kept, i.e. 'Word, Adobe, Excel, etc', (c) or
any other medium which can be reasonably duplicated if that method is a normal
operation of the Records office. Mail or delivery charges will be actual cost of U.S Post
Office or delivery service designated by requestor. All cost charges must be paid
prior to receiving record copies. No payment will be required for total cost under

(a) paper - $.10 per sheet

(b) E-mail- no charge

(c) Other medium - as determined per specified medium.