To schedule the Community Building or Keckley please call 937-246-0264 ext. 4 and leave a message which will be promptly returned.
 Notice of Meeting
The Liberty Township Board of Trustees will hold their next regular meeting on Monday, June 1, 2020 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building. 
Social distancing standards will be required.
Hope you can join us!
Notice to All Residents!

The ball fields behind the Community Building will be closed to organized sports until further notice.
Keckley Park, including the playground and shelter, will be closed to the public to help with the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  The park will be closed until further notice.  
Dumpster Days

Due to the need for social distancing Dumpster Days will not be held at the first of May but possibly at later date in the year.  

​Liberty Township Trustees Jerry McCleary and Jack McCoy, and Fiscal Officer Jeff Rea will interview six candidates, one of which may be selected to fill the vacant trustee position through 12/31/2021. The candidates in alphabetical order are: 
Candidate            Interview Day          Time 
Fritzi Alltop           29 May- Friday          1530  
Steve Easter        29 May- Friday          1615  
John Holloway     28 May- Thursday     1615  
Mike Moffett         28 May- Thursday     1700  
Matt Sivko            29 May- Friday          1700  
Marvin Yoeman    28 May- Thursday     1530  

The interviews will be held in the Community Building where limited observer space will be available. On June 1, 2020 during the scheduled Trustee Meeting to be held in the Community Building, each candidate will deliver a brief public presentation of no more than five minutes regarding their qualifications for the Trustee appointment. The public will have the opportunity to question the candidates following their presentation

Following the presentations, the Trustees will adjourn to Executive Session to deliberate the appointment. After Executive Session, the Trustees will return to Public Session and may offer a motion for appointment of a preferred candidate.