Liberty Township, Union County, Ohio
Zoning Permit Application Fees
Effective July 5, 2021


-New home construction:  $ 350 plus $.10 per square foot of living space  APPLICATION
-New construction attached to an existing home, (room addition) over 200 square feet of new living space: $100  APPLICATION
-New construction attached to an existing home, under 200 square feet of new living space: No zoning permit required.
-Swimming pool: $50  APPLICATION
-Deck:  No zoning permit required by Liberty Township.  Permit may be required by Union County
-New pond: $100  APPLICATION
-Accessory (private or small-scale on-site use) solar installation: $100  APPLICATION
-Privacy fence (non-transparent fencing taller than 4'6" but less than 6' in height): $25 APPLICATION AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

Commercial and Industrial

-All commercial or industrial construction applications: $1,000  APPLICATION

Accessory Buildings (shed, detached garage, pole barn, etc.)

-Accessory buildings over 200 square feet in area: $100  APPLICATION
-Accessory buildings under 200 square feet in area: No zoning permit required.

Special Zoning Permit Application Fees

-Zoning variance: $500  APPLICATION
-Conditional use permit: $500  APPLICATION
-Appeal of a decision by the Zoning Inspector: $500  APPLICATION
-Text amendment of the Zoning Resolution: $1,000  APPLICATION
-Other applications requiring action by the Zoning Commission (change in zoning classification, etc.): $1,000  APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST
-Planned unit development: $4,000  APPLICATION AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

Agriculture Exemption

Section 519 of the Ohio Revised Code puts into place an exemption from zoning regulations for structures proposed for agricultural use. This provision is briefly discussed in Article I, Section 101 of the Liberty Township Zoning Resolution, which you can find at the link below. If you wish to propose a use for a structure on your property that is primarily for agricultural purposes, you are encouraged to apply for an exemption. There is no fee.  APPLICATION PACKET

About Zoning Permit Application Fees

Zoning permit application fees are exactly that -- they are application fees. The amount of the fee for each application is set to reflect the cost to your Township for providing the service requested.  Payment of the applicable fee is a condition of any permit application. No action will be taken on any permit application until the fee is paid in full.  Payment of a fee does not guarantee that a permit application will be approved, or that a permit will be issued.  All fees are due at the time of application.  Checks and money orders should be made out to LIBERTY TOWNSHIP.  Applications with fees paid by personal or business check will not be processed until payment clears all banks. 


Board of Zoning Appeals

Ohio law dictates that all local jurisdictions that adopt zoning must appoint a Board of Zoning Appeals ("BZA"). The BZA is called upon as needed to adjudicate cases in which a resident or landowner wishes to use his/her property in a way not generally permitted, or in a case where there is a dispute about a decision made by the Zoning Inspector. You can learn a lot more about your BZA by clicking here.

More Information 

You are welcome to download any of the applications on this page and submit them by mail or email. If you use regular mail, be sure to mark your envelope with the word ZONING in bold letters. As an alternative, your Zoning Inspector is available to meet with you at the Township office by appointment, often on short notice and even on weekends.

You are invited to view the Liberty Township zoning map here.

The complete text of the Liberty Township Zoning Resolution may be viewed here.


Terry Turner, Zoning Inspector
P.O. Box 122, Raymond, Ohio 43067
Phone, text, voicemail: (937) 303-2028